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Election Day

The WDTC has worked hard screening a slate of candidates worthy of running for a Town Council seat. The body of work produced by the council impacts the daily lives of the residents of our beloved Town. Therefore, it is critical that the representatives chosen are qualified, passionate, and purposeful in their duties. 

While there are many important elements to governing the Town, there is no greater priority that the success, happiness, and resources available to our children and the education system. While strong, our schools need our diligence and care to be able to excel in the 21st century, and our children deserve to be the beneficiaries of those efforts. Today's decisions will last a lifetime!

Our State & Federal Candidates

Our municipal leaders need to be supported at both the state and federal level. The most effective way to bring our vision for Wethersfield to life is to ensure that we create an environment where our Democratic ideals can thrive, our voices can be heard, and our ideas can be implemented.  Be sure to include our State & Federal leaders when you cast your ballot!

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