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From left to right: Ryan Biggs, Ken Lesser, Cindy Jacobs, 
Kevin Hill, Matthew Forrest, Marjorie Callan Carson

The candidates address members of the WDTC at Town Hall on
July 22, 2021 to accept their nominations and discuss their vision.

Our Town Council Candidates

Ryan Biggs Headshot.jpg

Ryan C. Biggs is a Navy Reserve Commissioned Officer, community activist, proud husband, and father to two young children. He co-founded the Wethersfield Veterans’ Commission and also co-founded the community organization Calling All Brothers, a group dedicated to bringing positive change to underserved communities.

Ken Lesser Headshot.jpg

Ken Lesser currently serves on the BOE, holds a Masters in Organizational Management, and is a senior director at a global financial services firm. He is married and the proud father to three daughters. As President of the Mayor’s Ball, he helped raise more than $100,000 for residents in need. He founded the WHS Leadership Club and currently chairs the Wethersfield Career Advisory Board

Cindy Jacobs Headshot.jpg

Cindy Jacobs teaches at Trinity College and has worked for DEEP to develop energy policies for CT. A long-time resident, Cindy is deeply involved in our community. She has served on the Advisory Committee for People with Disabilities, the Social Justice Coalition, and the Economic Development and Improvement Commission. She also served as the co-chair of our High School PTSA.

Kevin Hill Headshot.jpg

Kevin Hill is a lifelong resident of Wethersfield where he and his wife Jen are raising their two children. He currently serves on Town Council. He holds two Masters degrees, in American History and Public Policy, and is a partner in the government affairs firm of Powers, Griffin and Hill. He previously served two terms on the Board of Education.

Matthew Forrest Headshot.jpg

Matthew Forrest is the managing partner of the law firm Forrest McPadden here in town. Matthew puts his extensive background in finance and law to use on our Council, and he’s fought to clean up Wethersfield Cove, keep our public spaces green, and save residents millions in energy costs. He and his wife are the proud parents of two children attending Charles Wright.

Marjorie Callan Carson Headshot.jpg

Marjorie Callan Carson is an attorney and adjunct professor of business and family law at Manchester Community College. She and her husband Tom are 17 year residents, and as a mother of two school- aged children, Marjorie has long advocated for Wethersfield schools through the PTO and as Co-Chair of the Wethersfield Schools Parent Council. 

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